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La Réflexothérapie’s Mission

La Réflexothérapie is committed to offering reflexology and wellness concepts as a health enhancement program. I am passionate about my commitment to integrative health sciences. I have completed my studies in reflexology at the International Academy of Advanced Reflexology and have received my certification from the Ontario College of Reflexology.

My comprehensive studies have permitted me to have worked on hundreds of people, seeing significant, positive results and improvements to all. The benefits of the reflexology have inspired me to pursue a life long desire to help people to be the best they can be in mind, body and spirit.

As a reflexologist, my ultimate goal is to work towards wellness in your body by encouraging it to correct itself through the reflex areas on your feet and/or hands. The persuasive, yet non-invasive therapy of reflexology will encourage complete body balance to maintain optimum health conditions.

“I have suffered with chronic back & shoulder problems and I have been to doctors, surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapist, none of which have helped me. My only relief has been through the use of reflexology. Thanks Sue, for your magical fingers that have performed miracles!”

– Ann Lipari
Easton, Pa

What You Can Expect

I will focus on your individual complete health care needs and concerns at each and every session. You will relax in a zero-gravity chair while I apple a gentle and effective exercised pressure to the reflex areas on each foot and/or hand. This application of pressure will encourage improvement to the corresponding areas of each and every gland, organ and single part of the body, thus persuading the body to correct itself.

All 12 systems of the body are worked on at every session. Whenever a trouble (sore) spot shows up, more time is spent on that area. A simple application of ice to the reflex area amy be recommended to reduce/eliminate problems in corresponding areas.

I pay strict attention to adjust the therapy to your individual needs during each session. Different levels of improvement will be seen after each session and return visits will be determined by your individual concerns.

What Is Reflexology?

The ancient therapy of reflexology is a personal, comprehensive therapy that is safe, effective and reliable. Reflexology is not a belief, but a health science unto itself.

By working on one part of the body (foot or hand) there is an effect on another. A reflexologist is not a doctor or a massage therapist. A reflexologist does not prescribe or diagnose, but instead provides services in addition to your medical practitioner to create an integrative holistic approach to your overall health enhancement regime.

Reflexology includes a 4-step program:

1) Stop further deterioration
2) Persuade the body to biologically correct itself
3) Strengthen and reinforce all systems of the body
4) Maintain balance in the body for good health

Reflexology has 4 goals:

1) Specific & highly specialized relaxation
2) Improve nerve, blood & lymphatic supply
3) Re-educate and re-pattern the nerves’ instructions
4) Persuade biological normalization (homeostasis)

The goal of La Réflexothérapie is to address your specific needs with reflexology and to introduce you to other professionals providing progressive therapies to help you make a conscious, educated choices about the alternative care most appropriate for you.

I welcome you to contact me as I will be happy to discuss your individual concerns.